Went to the academy of science Thursday for my anniversary with the fiancé, had a lot of fun, and we saw a gopher!

BEHOLD THE CATMELEON, he has now joined us in our dimension! i’ve named him horton :)

So many tadpoles! Top left baja tree frog, top right western toad, bottom spade foot toad! My mom has ponds just so these little guys have a better chance of making it to adulthood

here are my midterm projects for jewelry 2! it’s new gold that i hand drew the honeycomb and then pierced and sawed out each hole individually, the bee and larger honeycomb are hand sculptured wax to bronze castings, the ring is also a 3 part hollow form set to a size 9, the honey looking material is resin, i’m going to redo the chain part for the necklace and add some resin to the cast honeycomb! overall very pleased with it, the series is going to be called Colony Collapse as it addressed the distressing number of bees dying. SAVE THE BEES SAVE THE WORLD.

Working on a predator vs prey chess set this the prey side!
King- male kudu
Queen-female kudu
Pawns- mice

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one of my favorite animal names is the spider-face wattle hoppper Gelastopsis insignis

they’re cute too!

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This little tree porcupine was very curious of my phone! Taken last week at the San Diego zoo :)