10/19/2014 (5:31pm)

watching nature documentaries are a combination of

wow nature is amazing!


humans suck

#i watch a lot and feel both of these all the time#nature#animals

my fancy version of my wildlife illustration from last week, i love bat-eared foxes! 

copic and graphite 

10/14/2014 (2:01am) 2 notes

a lot of the time, stingrays from the top look like they’re saying

"you shittin’ me right now?"


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the end is nigh! first of the four horsemen, Death. my version of a hairless cat :) still needs texturing! WIP

galapagos tortoise render for wildlife illustration :) i love tortoises

9/4/2014 (9:44pm) 2 notes

on that awful kitten video (where it’s used as live bait) this asshole keeps making the argument of well, here i’ll just copy and paste his comment

"I think you are confusing "moral code" with feelings and emotions. Obviously animals feel (more or less depending on the species) but that wasn’t the point of what I was saying. Often times people feel that we must abide by the same code in our interactions with animals as we do with humans. This is of course illogical, and it just really sucks in general now days that the line between humans and more basic organisms such as animals is becoming so blurred because people are starting to devalue their own humanity.
Anyways, without getting too off topic, all life should be treated with up most respect but that doesn’t mean that humans cannot use non-human life to carry out their own will. I do not think that we own this planet and everything on it, but we certainly have been given the authority to use anything and everything this planet has to offer. It’s not egotistical, it’s just the way it’s been since the beginning of time.”

and then i responded with this

look Sam, i dont even know you but i’m about to tell you some surprising news, humans are animals. Other animals have feelings and intelligence that evolved in many different and wonderful ways along side ours. There are several examples of scientific research that shows other animals have personality, CULTURE, and LANGUAGE! Dolphins for example have language and even names Orcas teach techniques for hunting sharks to their young, elephants grieve for years after losing a loved one and will care even for an injured calf, and octopus’s legs all have their own nervous system (basically meaning that each one has a mind of its own). Birds of many species use herbs to kill parasites and jaguars get high for fun. Humpback whales have family reunions and each male sings different songs depending on where they’re from. So don’t even try to say that we are so separate from the animals around us with which we share 98% of our DNA with. And your whole argument about it’s been like this since the beginning of time, modern humans have only been around for about 200,000 years, the first evidence of our early ancestors were from 4 million years ago, that is a blink of an eye compared to sea turtles that navigate vast oceans that have been on the planet for 70 million years! And while you may be trying to say that nature is cruel, yes it can be but what nature has produced in us (our wonderful brains that you seem feel separates us from our animal neighbors) is the choice to not be cruel. while it’s not wrong to kill and eat a cow it is wrong to torture that animal while it’s alive, and while yes a cat is not as smart as us it is still allowed the common curtesy of not being stuck onto a hook and fed to a shark.

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8/21/2014 (5:31pm) 6 notes

also i hate when people have a fear or even hatred of animals that are unpopular (i.e. spiders, snakes, frogs/toads, etc.) that people accept them saying “kill them with fire! they all must die!” and it’s like if i went around saying you should kill all cocker spaniels people would think i’m nuts! just because you don’t like an animal doesn’t mean it’s ok to kill them, i hate chimps but i don’t want them all killed. 

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8/21/2014 (5:28pm) 7 notes

i hate that when i tell people i love spiders they start telling me about the times when they’ve killed a spider or spiders and it’s like why are you telling me this you’re basically admitting to drowning a bag of kittens to me, that is the equivalent. 

stop bragging about killing innocent animals no matter how small or “scary”