Finished my commission to do a mtg mat, done with copic and graphite :)

I got a commission to do a very painterly egret, took me about 2 hours

Acrylic on canvas 20x16 


small sculpture- 50 to 100$

medium sculpture- 150to 250$

large sculpture-300 to 500$

illustration- simple sketch-5$ to full render 25$

20x16 painting- 75$

please contact me also if interested in purchasing exsisting artwork!

on small sculptures FREE SHIPPING! 

the chess set is finished! Predator vs Prey! 

pawns: mice vs shrews

rooks: hares vs birds of prey

knights: buffalo vs wolves

bishops: tapirs vs jaguars 

king and queen: kudu vs lions 

made out of clay!

the CATMELEON is finsihed! Horton looks very handsome in his planter

My final for jewelry! It’s nearly finished! The flowers are copper and the leaves are fancy paper!

my work from CCACA this year! it’s Five: the Senses Series! all clay sculptures! they’ll be in davis till tomorrow afternoon!