Working on a predator vs prey chess set this the prey side!
King- male kudu
Queen-female kudu
Pawns- mice

fancy pictures of my large owl sculpture from this semester, it’s roughly 3 ft tall :) it’s a death god of mice 

i’ll post the other two in the series once they’re done next week!

These are what I’ve been working on, it’s a series of five animals that represent the five human senses
From top to bottom:
Bateared fox- hearing
Racoon- touch
Great horned owl- sight
Bear- smell
Taste- snake (haven’t started that one yet)
Yup :) the working title is Connect with Nature, I will probably change it haha

in progress of my final for wildlife painting, its a maCAAAAAAW :)

acrylic on canvas board 18x24

6/22/2013 (5:57pm)

look i painted a duck


it’s a color study of a white-faced whistling duck woooooooo

keep in mind i havent painted since highschool

#artists on tumblr#painting#ducks#animals#i'm a scultor not a painter

My final for wheel throwing, it’s a tea pot! The acorn woodpecker is the handle and the branch is the spout and there’s a secret lid :)

One of my pieces from my wheel throwing class, the lines where created by burning horse hair on the piece, placing it by hand, after it had been pulled from the kiln :) super happy with the results!

my project for my wheel throwing class, i threw a plate and then turned it into a lilly pad with a Jacana (also known as a Lilly Trotter) and a water lilly :)

another part of my seasons series, this one represents spring! :)