my fancy version of my wildlife illustration from last week, i love bat-eared foxes! 

copic and graphite 

the end is nigh! first of the four horsemen, Death. my version of a hairless cat :) still needs texturing! WIP

Finished my commission to do a mtg mat, done with copic and graphite :)

I got a commission to do a very painterly egret, took me about 2 hours

Acrylic on canvas 20x16 


small sculpture- 50 to 100$

medium sculpture- 150to 250$

large sculpture-300 to 500$

illustration- simple sketch-5$ to full render 25$

20x16 painting- 75$

please contact me also if interested in purchasing exsisting artwork!

on small sculptures FREE SHIPPING! 

the chess set is finished! Predator vs Prey! 

pawns: mice vs shrews

rooks: hares vs birds of prey

knights: buffalo vs wolves

bishops: tapirs vs jaguars 

king and queen: kudu vs lions 

made out of clay!